Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Website package?
  • The famous, very versatile, Divi theme, accompanied by the Divi Builder – which will enable you to easily and confidently edit your website if you’d like.
  • Free Divi theme updates for life.
  • A child theme of your choice, which will determine the look, feel, and layout of your new website. View your options HERE.
  • Beautiful, appropriate stock images and/or designs to bring your website to life. (Or we’ll use professional, high quality images you provide where applicable.)
  • A fully responsive site – which automatically adapts its layout for ideal viewing on various devices, including tablets and mobile devices.
  • Up to 6 website pages, depending on the package you choose.
  • Professional copy editing, using the information you supply via the Business Questionnaire.
  • Contact form with Google ReCaptcha V3 functionality to protect from spammers
  • Links to your social media pages, if applicable
  • Security plugin and configuration to protect your site from hackers
  • Anti-spam plugin and configuration to protect your site from online spam
  • Document showing you step-by-step how you can maintain and edit your site going forward OR the option to sign up for our site maintenance package at R75 per month.
How much say will I have over the final design and outcome of the website?
Your choice of theme dictates the website’s look and feel.
Your knowledge of your business and your ideal client base dictates the content of the website, and is communicated to me via the questionnaire.
My knowledge of websites, copywriting, and marketing and communication as a whole dictate how the information is spread out and communicated through visuals and written words. 
I want a Webbie website. What do I do?
The steps to getting a Webbie website are easy:
  1. Select a theme you like:
  2. Read and agree to our terms and conditions:
  3. Fill in the Business Questionnaire:
  4. If you don’t have a hosting company and domain yet, the questionnaire will guide you through setting up your own domain with a very reputable and recommended hosting company. I could also do this on your behalf, if that is what you’d prefer.
  5. You’ll then be redirected to a page where you’ll submit all visual and branding material.
  6. Once I’ve received everything, we’ll have a check-in to ensure I can get started and that you understand the process ahead.
  7. Payment instructions will be given, and upon payment, your project will be activated.
  8. On Day 4 after activation, you will receive a link to your test site for feedback – we’ll have a Zoom meeting and work through the whole site together.
  9. On Day 7 you will receive your complete site.
  • Disclaimer: The only reason we might deviate from the above timeline, is if:
    • I’m having trouble with your hosting company and the way they’ve set up your site. I will endeavor to sort out any issues as fast as possible, but am dependent on certain services from hosting companies.
    • You cannot give me your feedback and notes within 24 hours after receiving your test site link.
Do you build custom sites according to a client brief?

No – we would not be able to stick to our core offering if we did that. We have a very clearly defined service, and process. Because of this process, we are able to deliver high quality, professional websites that align with best practices, in a relatively short amount of time, at a price that is much lower than many other comparable service providers.

  • We only build websites from pre-designed themes. You can view our current selection here: We add new design options on a regular basis. Didn’t find one that works for you? Let us know!
  • The theme you choose will be customised to fully reflect your unique brand and service offering, with your branding, colours, images, suitable icons, and professionally written content.
Is the amount once off or is there a monthly hosting fee?
You pay a once-off website design fee, which is determined by the package you choose – no catches or strings attached.
There are no compulsory recurring fees.
You will have an option to sign up for our site maintenance option for R75/month, because all websites need updates and tweaks from time to time.
We will, however, fully equip you to maintain your site without our help, and without this monthly fee, if you prefer doing it yourself.
The option is there for those who prefer not to get involved in the site maintenance at all.
Any website obviously does need a domain name and hosting company, and you will need to pay that service provider a hosting fee.
We strongly recommend purchasing your domain and hosting from – their service is absolutely brilliant and they are a dream to work with.
Some of our clients find the domain and hosting arrangements confusing and/or overwhelming, and in those cases we make the arrangements on their behalf.
Tell me more about the Money Back Guarantee...
Once your website has been completed, you will have 48 hours to decide whether or not you are satisfied with our work. If, for whatever reason, you decide that the results you got was not in line with what was promised, or you are not satisfied with your site, you will have the opportunity to cancel the whole deal.
We’ll obviously want to understand why, in order to ensure that we are aware of any issues we need to work on. But we will return the full amount to you within 24 hours, and remove the website we created without fiery hoops to jump through, no red tape, and no hard feelings.
I’m confused about some of the terminology – please explain.

Think of the internet as a country with vacant pieces of land for sale. If you want a website of your own, you need to purchase a piece of land to build the website on. First you decide on your address, or what we call your ‘domain name’ – e.g. That’s the piece of land you’ll buy.

Once you’ve bought the piece of land (your domain), you’ll need to get some storage space on that piece of land to house the site we are going to build – that’s what we call your hosting package. The bigger the website is going to be, the bigger your house or storage facility (your hosting package or storage space) will need to be.

You can not sign up for a free or super cheap hosting package, and expect to be able to build a decent sized website on it, without running out of space. Remember that the hosting package you select will include space for your emails. So if you are someone who works with a lot of emails that need to be kept in the storage space you’ve signed up for, your space is going to run out pretty fast.


Step 1: Get a domain name (your website address) – go HERE.

Step 2: Buy a storage facility (hosting package) that matches the size of the website you want to build. (If you’re not sure, you can start small, and upgrade to a bigger option later) – go HERE.

I recommend the LITE hosting package for a start.

What platform do you use to build websites on?

I specialise in personalising pre-designed themes and using them to create websites built on WordPress. 

What if I want to make changes to my site?

Once your website launches, I will supply you with a very easy-to-follow document that will enable you to confidently make minor changes to your website.

Alternatively, you could choose to sign up for my site maintenance package for R75 per month, which will include minor changes and monthly updates.

More complex changes or additional pages not included in your initial package will be quoted for per project.

What about theme, plugin, and WordPress updates?

I will set automatic updates wherever I can. However, in some cases this is not an option, and monthly checks and updates will go a long way in keeping your site secure and safe from potential hackers.

The manual I will provide you with will enable you to very easily do these updates yourself.

Alternatively, you could sign up for my site maintenance package, where I will do monthly updates and security checks on your behalf.

I don't have a domain ( yet. Any advice?

Yes! I’ve worked with so many hosting companies and internet service providers over the years, and the best service, packages, and prices (by FAR) has been Imaginet. Their customer service has been unparalelled, their control panel is efficient, and the packages they offer make sense (in terms of what a decent sized website would need to function properly).

If you need to still get a domain name, go HERE to find one that is available.

If you want to transfer your domain and hosting package to them and away from your current host, send them a message HERE.

If you want to check out their hosting packages and prices, go HERE. I recommend their LITE package, but you could try starting with their MICRO package if you like (it is sufficient for some), and upgrade if necessary.

Please note: I know some other service providers offer smaller, cheaper starter packages. The problem is that usually the ‘space’ you buy for those small amounts is too small for the size of even a simple website, never mind your emails. The idea is obviously to get you hooked and then force you to upgrade to a bigger package with them once you (very quickly) use up the space you initially signed up for.

PS, no, I don’t get any sort of commission for recommending Imaginet’s services. I am just a fan of how they do things, and how much easier they make my and my clients’ lives.

What if I want to expand my site at a later stage?

The WordPress CMS makes it SO EASY to expand your site whenever you are ready! When you reach that point, simply get in touch to communicate what you need, and we will provide you with a relevant quote.

Does Webbie do E-commerce sites?

Not at the moment, no. Our service offering is made possible by the process we follow, and unfortuntately E-commerce sites don’t currently fit into that process.

Any other questions?
now is your chance to ask!

Don’t be shy – I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have.