About Webbie

I’m Charine Els, the creator of Webbie. I’ve been creating WordPress websites for the past 8 years. In 2016 I had to slow down the pace at which I was working, because I wanted to focus the majority of my time and energy on my kids and family.

Since then, I’ve created a way for me to do both – and that is why Webbie exists.

I am comfortable with a variety of skills essential to the creation of effective websites. 

I am, however, especially confident in my ability regarding the following:

Divi Builder

I use Elegant Themes’ Divi Theme, along with one of the most highly acclaimed visual builders for WordPress. This focus is what enables quick turnaround times, and low pricing structures.

Content Writing

Taking raw information, then grouping and rewriting it in a suitable tone of voice, so it flows well and communicates clearly.


Paying attention to various branding elements and incorporating them across the board, to seamlessly confirm and establish your brand online.


I trust my gut a lot. I know what looks good, what reads well, what will speak straight to your ideal customer’s needs – and what won’t.

Customer Service

As a self-confessed people pleaser, customer satisfaction has always, uncontrollably, been a driving force behind my approach to business.

Problem Solving

I am a problem solver by nature. And sometimes, in the world of the web, problems occur. I tackle them with an impressive amount of determination.

I’ve spent what feels like a gazillion hours consulting with website clients. The majority of them needed a proper, professional online presence, but didn’t want another massive business expense. They also didn’t have the time or energy for a two-month long website development process. Most of them needed a beautiful, effective site that would get the job done, and most of them needed it yesterday.

As a website creator, that’s a challenging thing to pull off – especially if you are already working on five other projects, all with their own urgent deadlines. If you don’t have the process, focus, clear vision, and know-how, then it is in most cases, not possible.

But for me, this is the perfect way – and in my current phase of life, the only way. My simple process and clearly communicated outcomes enable my clients to get what they want, REALLY fast, with minimum fuss and maximum value for their money. 

Because of the optimised process I’ve created, I spend less time on the admin side of things. That frees up time so I can focus on using what you give me to create a sleek online presence – in just over a week.

If this speaks to you and your needs, then we are very likely a brilliant business match waiting to happen. So why not get started right away by selecting one of Webbie’s website layouts HERE?

Your business needs an online space you can be proud of, and it’s honestly never been quite this easy.

let’s talk!

I’m ready to get started when you are. Let me know if you have any questions using the form below, or hop over to our ever expanding list of theme options, and take your pick!

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