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Welcome To Webbie!

If you’re looking for a quick solution that delivers a website you’ll love to call your own (at a price you’d be happy to pay), you’re in the right place.

We’ve created a no-fuss process where you don’t have to worry about any technical stuff. The aim is a high quality website and maximum satisfaction, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Simply pick a website theme from our ever expanding collection and fill out our website questionnaire, and we’ll do the rest.

Once we’ve checked in with you and helped you set up your hosting package, you’ll have your brand new site in 7 days.

Get a brand new, on-trend, responsive website, with content created by an experienced copywriter, and a theme of your choice, for…

Why Use Webbie?

We Understand Marketing

And content managing systems. And design principles. And hosting packages. And web-specific content writing. And branding. And what people want when they visit a website. We excel at THESE things so that you can spend time on and excel at YOUR things.

Days To Launch, Not Months

Our easy-to-follow process ensures that you know exactly what we need to work our magic. Once we have all the information we need, we should have your site up and running within 7 days. How is that for efficient?

Small Business Friendly

We know that your time, resources, and mind space is limited. That is why we’ve spent time on the creation of this simple website solution, where you get an impressive website, without the headache that usually accompanies similar projects.

Professional Text Editor

Our resident copy editor has a keen eye for detail, and extensive experience writing for businesses – online and offline. Let us transform the information you provide into the perfect, easy to digest website copy, that will communicate your offering clearly and effectively.

Know What You're Getting

Browse our bank of website themes, choose your favorite, and submit your Business Questionnaire. From there, we will create your quality, professional content, source appropriate stock images to make your website stand out, and bring it all together in your new, professional website.

One Revision To Ensure We Nail It

We’ll let you know as soon as we’re done with your site, and ask you for your feedback. This will be your chance to swop out an image or two, finalise design elements, fact check, and ensure that you are 100% happy with the results, before we launch your site for the world to see. 

Our Latest Work

This is where we get to put our money where our mouths are, and show you that we really can deliver gorgeous websites that contribute to your business.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Our aim is to convert every customer into a fan.

We think we might be pulling it off.

Working with Webbie was a pleasure. Having an unusual brief didn’t phase her, in fact, she approached everything with such excitement, I couldn’t be happier to leave all the very technical things in her capable hands.
Charine had so much patience with an artist with no interest in how the gears of a thing work, only how it looks in the end. She understood vague phrases like “make it look easy” and executed everything much better than I could imagine.
Also, I don’t have to worry about updates and loading of new work with the maintenance plan!
If you have a business, any business and want to look super professional and capable, I would 100% recommend Webbie!
Petru Bredenkamp

Artist, PetruB Art

Ek kan Webbie Website Creator met groot vrymoedigheid aanbeveel. Charine het die NetKids projek met baie professionailiteit, kreatiwiteit, deeglikheid en binne tyd voltooi. Dit was as’t ware ‘n ongelooflike lekker en opwindende ervaring gewees.

Leané de Wet


We approached Webbie for our new company’s website early in 2020.

We needed a simple website that could communicate effectively what our company does, and enable potential clients to contact us.

We were getting some interest from potential clients and wanted a legitimate presence online – we needed a decent site and had to launch in a week. 

After we completed the straight-forward questionnaire about our brand (which, by the way, made us ask some critical questions of ourselves and actually helped us strengthen our offering), Webbie did the rest.

They had a very good grasp of our company after the questionnaire, were able to suggest a great template for our site, and pitched our content perfectly. We launched a week later with no hassles and minor revisions. The experience was exactly what we were looking for: simple, professional, quick.

Thanks Webbie!

Jannie Els

Director, Apeiros Intelligence

Dankie so ongelooflik baie vir alles – dit is stunning, en ek love dit! Dankie vir al jou ure se werk, jou moeite en jou fyn oog.

Ek kan nie wag om te spog nie, jy is briljant!

Liandri de Lange

Owner, LDL Advisory

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