The unique Webbie process

Our solution is a unique one, aimed at a very specific market. We offer our clients the opportunity to gain a professional, functional, sophisticated website, with minimal fuss, in 7 days. The process is clear, and designed to keep costs down, while achieving optimal results. 

The Webbie Process Flow ensures that we are able to deliver on our promises, and forms the backbone of our unique service offering.

Step 1

Choose your favourite theme from our Theme Options page.


Fill in our tried and tested Business Questionnaire – the more thorough you are, the better the results will be. We’ll check in to ensure we’ve got everything we need, help you sort out any hosting arrangements, and confirm your project start date.

Step 3

You’ll receive your payment instructions and make your payment to activate your project. Your project launches and the timer begins. You will receive daily updates so you always know what’s going on.

Step 4

On Day 4 you’ll receive a link to your test site, and have 24 hours to share your feedback with us. (We’ll schedule a convenient call time ahead of time, talk through every component of the site, and ensure that you are happy with the results.)

Step 5

We’ll finish the site, optimise it to the max, sort out your Search Engine Optimisation, and on Day 7 your beautiful new, professional website will launch – with everything it needs to effectively represent you online. Time to share your new online home with the world!

If you’re not satisfied at this point, we’ll pay your money back (no questions asked), and remove the site from your domain. How is THAT for peace of mind? 

Ready to jump in?
Have a look at our beautiful theme options, and choose your favourite.